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Membrane & Hydromembrane Allografts

Our Membrane & Hydromembrane products are human allografts processed from healthy placental tissue. The placental tissue and membrane are known to contain collagen substrates, growth factors and extracellular matrix proteins recognized as part of the complex wound healing process.

Properties & Applications

  • Covers wounds and supports native tissue

  • Minimally manipulated

  • Can be sutured, glued or laid in place

  • Cross-linked, Resorbable & Chorion-free

Processed Amniotic Fluid

Our amniotic fluid products are a human allograft comprised of amniotic fluid components intended for homologous use to supplement tissue for protection, cushioning and lubrication.

Amniotic fluid functions as a supportive cushion to the fetus and provides a protective environment including rich sources of nutrients, cytokines and growth factors that are required for fetal development and maturation.

Amniotic fluid possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and regenerative properties that make it attractive for use in clinical applications.

For detailed information on all of our amniotic tissue allograft products, please see our manufacturers page for full descriptions:

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