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BioMedical Distribution adheres to the standards of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) and strictly monitors customer conformance to ICMS guidelines in all clinical practices.

Minimum Standards for the Practice of Cell Based Medicine

The ICMS has established the following minimum standards for the practice of cell based medicine. To be considered for accreditation by the ICMS, clinics and practitioners of cell based medicine must comply with the following:


1. That treatment is considered the practice of medicine, or is within the legal

and regulatory statutes of the country where the treatment is provided, or approved by the appropriate agencies.


2. That any clinical laboratory that isolates, processes or cultures cells for placement by a physician is accredited by the ICMS.


3. That each patient is provided with, understands, agrees to and signs an ICMS approved Informed Consent Form prior to treatment.


4. That each patient is graded as a candidate for this treatment, and provided a copy of this grading prior to treatment.


5. That every physician providing treatments at the facility is a Doctor of Medicine certified or eligible for certification by a recognized medical

board in the area of treatment provided.


6. That treatments provided to patients are based on good patient care, and

that, when appropriate, treatment protocols and outcome guidelines are

reviewed and authorized by an Institutional Review Board, and Ethics Board or local equivalent.


7. That no guarantees are made to the patient regarding outcomes, and that

all statement regarding outcomes and safety of any treatment are based

upon accepted medical knowledge.


8. That the progenitor cells used in the treatment are adult (somatic).

*For the complete ICMS Guidelines, follow the link below:

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